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First Wasp Edit

Background Edit

The first Wasp was originally known as Wild Goose (and had papers for three other names).

Appearances Edit

In Resolute, Kris Longknife purchased the vessel and renamed it. She used Wasp as her flagship until it was so badly damaged in Daring that the vessel could not even be transferred to a rendering facility.

Fate Edit

Wasp was scrapped after the events in Daring.

Second Wasp Edit

The second Wasp was built above Musashi to replace the first vessel by that name, funded in part by public subscription. Edmond Drago showed up with a valid set of papers to commission her as USS Wasp. Part of the funding came from Admiral Maurice Crossenshield

Appearances Edit

In Furious, Kris Longknife flew Wasp to intercept a badly conceived commercial fleet funded in part by her grandfather, Alex Longknife. Wasp then proceeds across the Galaxy to the previously discovered "bird planet."