Santa Maria was a planet discovered by accident when a jump went bad early in human space exploration. It was rediscovered 300 years later by Col.Ray Longknife and the crew of the Second Chance after a bad jump, resulting from malware left in it's operating system. It was home to a "nature preserve" left by the Three with a sentient computer "caretaker" left to watch over it.

Santa Maria proved to be an archive of knowledge about the Three. Kris Longknife's aunt Alnaba Longknife, had dedicated her life to studying the Three on Santa Maria.

The Human settlement was on the smallest continent, about the size of Australia, laying to southeast of the largest continent. Separated from it by a large archipelago of islands and two or three wide channels.

It had three major cities New Haven, Richland and Lander's Refuge.

Tommy Lien, although a native of Santa Maria, served in the Society of Humanity Navy and later in the United Sentients Navy.