Audacious is the fifth novel in he Kris Longknife Series. Kris Longknife is sent to New Eden, ostensibly to put her somewhere that she can not cause trouble. There are a number of attempts on her life, most if not all conceived by the Peterwald Family. Kris has her first encounter with Victoria Smythe-Peterwald. Abby Nightengale visits her childhood neighborhood and encounters her mother, her sister and her niece, Cara. Kris meets with her great-grandmother Ruth Tordon, who is later abducted and rescued. Kris collects more people into her permanent "official" family, including the remnants of the Marine Corps company that had assisted her during the attempted revolution. She visits Ron Torn at Chance and is disappointed to find him engaged to be married. Kris ends up with USS Wasp, Marines, scientists, a judge and command of the Wardhaven Survey Agency.

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  • Jump Points
    • USS Wasp entered the New Eden system through jump point Delta
    • Wasp left the Chance system through jump point Alpha
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