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Abby Nightengale was originally from New Eden. She came to Wardhaven from Earth. She was hired to be Kris Longknife's body servant. Abby was thirty-six when she began working for Kris.

Admiral Crossenshield had commissioned Abby as a first lieutenant in Wardhaven Army Intelligence.

Abby was described in Undaunted as having chocolate skin.

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Abby is hired by Brenda Longknife as Kris Longknife's body servant.

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Kris learned that Abby had been earning money on the side by reporting on Kris's activities to social media. Kris later learned the Admiral Maurice Crossenshield also subscribed to Abby's reports.

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Abby had left New Eden fifteen years before the action in the story, presumably for Earth.

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Abby moves down to the surface of Alwa to work with the industrial aspect of Kris's operation; she takes Cara with her.